SOMEBYMI V10 Vitamin Tone-UP Cream.

Netto : 50ml.

Price : 190rb.


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✔Brightening & Moisture.

✔Double function whitening & anti-wrinkle formulated without 20 harmful ingredients.

✔Tone-UP & Vitamin Essence All in One for Immediate Whitening Cover and Moisturizing, Base Makeup.

✔Vitamin Tree Fruit Extract 7000,000 ppm and 10 Multi Vitamin (G, F, B3, B5, H, B12, E, F, G, B6)

✔Actually brightening skin tone with continued use.

✔Works on any skin tone.

✔It delivers bright and gorgeous skin for a long time even after swimming or under the sun with strong water- and sweat- resistant effect but mild on skin.

✔Immediate tone-up effect.

✔A Natural Pink Cream Color that contains 10 Vitamin extracts that give wrinkle prevention + elasticity enhancement + skin regeneration + soothing effects.

✔Somebymi V10 Vitamin Tone-Up Cream (Whitening and Moisturizing).

✔No artificial coloring, cloudiness and artificial fragrance.

✔EWG Safety Grade Ingredient 🍊Including 10 Multi Vitamin Ingredient

Vitamin G : Glutathione (Tone-Up & Whitening)

Vitamin C : Vitality

Vitamin B3 : Brightening

Vitamin B3 : Moisturazing

Vitamin B12 : Nutrition

Vitamin H : Relieving

Vitamin E : Elasticity

Vitamin F : Protecting

Vitamin B6 : Balance

Vitamin G : Tone-Up


Cara pemakaian ⬇

1) Sesudah toner / serum, apply V10 pada wajah dan ratakan.

2) It is recommended to mix with foundation.


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